Fill out the form on the page which horse you are looking for by clicking the "find your horse" button. Thanks to the data we receive from you, we will know what horse would be perfect for you. As soon as we know your preferences, we will contact you to discuss the details. After determining them, we start searching for your dream horse.


When we find potentially suitable horses for you, we will arrange a meeting to present them to you. Before that, we will send you video and photos of selected horses. If you like one, we'll plan the last step: visual inspection of the horse in the stable.


We are planning a kind of "tour" of the stables with the horses you selected, where you can view and rate them. The one that will be your ideal goes to the fourth stage or research.


Most horses that we will offer you are tested and have and X-ray images taken. We always urge our clients to do new research before buying. We are happy to help and advise in finding a competent doctor who will examine your potential horse from head to toe.


If the testing is succesful, you will want to transport your new horse to any place in the country or abroad - we will be happy to help you.